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My wine column for the Virginia Water Magazine, 2020-23

In 2020 I was asked to write a series of monthly wine columns for The Virginia Water Magazine (voted no.1 in the Small Magazine Category of the National Parish Magazine Awards 2021), and am making these available below for those who would like to read them (.png or .jpg images as well as larger sized .pdf versions – just click on the titles or images). The choice of wine recommendations is largely explained by a wish primarily to find wines that are available locally to exemplify the month’s theme, and that also reflect a variety of different price points.

Those interested in finding out about my more academic writing on wine might enjoy:

  • Charters, S., Demossier, M., Dutton, J., Harding, G., Maguire, J., Marks, D. and Unwin, T. (eds) (2022) Routledge Handbook of Wine and Culture, London: Routledge (a prize winner at the OIV’s 2023 awards for a book on wine and history)
  • Unwin, T. (2017) Geography of Wine, in: Wharf, B. (ed.)  Oxford Bibliographies in Geography, Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Unwin, T. (2012) Terroir: at the heart of Geography, in Dougherty, P. (ed.) The Geography of Wine: Regions, Terroir and Techniques, Amsterdam: Springer, 37-48.
  • Unwin, T. and Saeidi, A. (2004) Wine in the poetry of Hafiz, Journal of Wine Research, 15(2), 97-114.
  • Unwin, T. (1999) Hedonic price indexes and the qualities of wine, Journal of Wine Research, 10(2), 95-104.
  • Unwin, T. (1998) Locke’s interest in wine, The Locke Newsletter 29, 119-151.
  • Unwin, T. (1997) El terrer i la Geografia del vi, Treballs de la Societat Catalana de Geografia, 45, 257-74.
  • Dickenson, J. and Unwin, T. (1992) Viticulture in colonial Latin America: essays on alcohol, the vine and wine in Spanish America and Brazil, Liverpool: University of Liverpool Centre for Latin American Studies, Working Paper No. 13
  • Unwin, T. (1991) Wine and the Vine: an historical geography of viticulture and the wine trade, London: Routledge (revised paperback edition 1996; Italian edition as Storia del vino, 1993. Spanish revised edition as El vino y la viña, 2001; Greek edition Οίνος και άμπελος, 2003). “This book is for anyone who wants to know where wine came from and the role it has played throughout history” (Frank Prial, New York Times).

November 2023: Return to Rioja

September 2023: South African updates

July-August 2023: Bottle closures

May 2023: Swiss Wines

April 2023: Reading wine labels

December 2022-January 2023: Wines for Christmas and the New Year

September 2022: Money-wise wine buying

December 2021-January 2022: Rediscovering Sherry at Christmas

November 2021: Why taste?

July-August 2021: Merchants of Wine

May 2021: Wines for Spring

*apologies for typo: the first Beerenauslese should of course read Auslese

April 2021: Exploring lesser known grape varieties (Touriga Nacional, Petite Arvine, and Sagrantino)

December 2020: A fortified Christmas

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